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Support Local Giveaway is a FREE site that allows you the chance to win a daily prize that supports local businesses.

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Sign up to become a registered user. Once you verify your email, you are part of the SLG family and eligible to win. Random winners are drawn at 12 noon every day.


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New prizes are listed EVERY DAY, you must pick only 1 of the 2 daily draws to be successfully entered. Be sure to complete the extra tasks listed to receive additional entries into your draw of your choice.


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Return to the site daily, anytime after 12 noon, to check if you've won. Winners will only be listed on the website and if your email is posted, simply click ‘CLAIM PRIZE’ and you will get an email with instructions. Any prize not claimed within 24 hrs will be rolled over into the next available draw.



By redeeming your gift card prize you are supporting and helping to keep local businesses in our community open.

Why You Should Support Local And Small Businesses

Support Local

It shows you care about your local community - supporting local means that you care about the community that you live in. You'll be able to put money back into your community and support others who call it home too.

Support Local

It shows respect to the business owners. When you buy local you show your respect for those in your community working every day to make an honest living in a competitive and challenging world.

Support Local

You’re helping bring character to the commercial world. There are lots of creative locals who bring their personal style, experiences, skills and creativity to their products. Shopping local provides the opportunity to purchase unique and exlusive products.

Support Local

You'll find interesting twists to traditional items or exceptional ideas that result in products you never even knew you needed before you visited one of your local shops.

There's no doubt that things are tough for small businesses these days. By shopping local you are helping to keep businesses open (ones that care about you) and supporting jobs within your community, helping the local economy.

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